This week we have the privilege of welcoming Jusika Martinez to our blog! She’s a contributor in our marketplace and also works with churches as a freelance marketing strategist and graphic designer.

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Current Job: Freelance Marketing Strategist & Graphic Designer and Graphic Designer for Elements City Church. Former Creative Director at Revolution Church.
Current Mobile Device: iPhone 6+
What’s your computer setup? Macbook Pro with Beef Ups 😉

What does a typical week look like?
In this season I look at what freelance work I have verses Church Designs I have then look at the timeline and organize my work week.

As a Creative Director:
• Monday was typically clean up from Sunday (meaning taking the notes that I took of things needing to change and prioritizing them).
• Tuesday I took the day to schedule out all social media posts.
• Wednesdays were meetings for the Creative Team leads. Thursday was my day to send emails to my team leads, encouraging them, truly taking time to care for the team.
• Thursdays were also the day I got to prepare for our next service and or our next series.
• Fridays were the days I took to focus on whatever the student ministry needed and prepared slides and website updates for Sunday.

What inspires your creative process/ideas?
Creative Process: I usually read over the content/outline of the series first and a majority of the time I read over the book of the bible it’s based off. Then I start to jot down things that stick out and then start the process of designing 3 different packages. Once I get the packages set I send them to the lead Pastor and ask their input.

Ideas: Typically the team comes with an idea or two and I try to bring that to life, but for my third concept that I give the team it’s typically what I think it could look like. I gather ideas from Pinterest from different designers and I also look back at my old designs from when I worked with the DoD/government to see if any of them inspire me.

What advice would you give to a pastor who doesn’t know where to start with integrating creativity into their church?
I would say be open and start with the right intention. I used to always think that it was about having the right design/designer or the right marketing plan, but as I venture into this I realize that God honors the efforts of those with the right intention, not saying a good design/designer wouldn’t help, but if your heart or the right intention isn’t there it won’t be fruitful. The part of the right intention for me is to reach the unchurch’d and to make God known by those. The other part of the intention for me is to build community amongst his believers. It’s not about making a mega church, it’s about building/calling out the church within each of the lives we touch through the design and through social media. I love the idea of great big mega church’s and everyone coming to the church’s I design for or I attend, but for me it’s about making him known wherever people are at.

What apps/tools do you consider must haves for churches looking to be more creative?
Adobe Suite: For designing.
ColorStory (phone app): For photo editing.
Over (phone app): For designing on the go.
Hootsuite/Buffer: To post and to get analytics on their post.
SumAll: Another analytics based program for social media outlets.
CertLab or a Communications Conference: Invest into that person or Pastor that will be overseeing that Creative element.

What’s your favorite resource for learning about church creativity?
Dialoging with others through the Twitter chats for church communicators. I also like to stalk/look at other church’s Social Media platforms & Websites.

What’s your favorite quote on creativity or leadership?
Confessing weakness/struggle shouldn’t be disqualification for ministry, it should be a prerequisite. Gospel flourishes where confession is.

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