Every one of us was made to be creative. It’s in our nature because we’re created in the image of God, who is the Creator!

Creativity in the church isn’t about being a cool church, it’s about honoring God by telling the Gospel in a way that inspires others to follow Jesus. Technology has made this increasingly important.

We live in a creative culture. From the big screen to the small screen, we’re surrounded by people and organizations grabbing our attention through creativity. As the church, it’s our responsibility to use creativity to honor God. However, many churches and pastors struggle with the idea of being creative because they don’t feel that they have the budget to be creative.

I respect that thought and understand it. But, ultimately it is unmerited.

Creativity isn’t about the gear, supplies, or raw materials, it’s about telling a story through art. Action is the most important aspect of creativity, not budget. Your medium for creativity may be graphic design, film, painting, photography, or interior design. It ultimately doesn’t matter as long as your are creating.

How does that look on a practical level?

Find people in your church that are interested in creating and recruit them. They don’t need to be professionals, they just need a desire to tell stories.

Listen to their ideas. Let them be the ones to come to you with creative projects. If you like the idea and feel that it helps portray the Gospel in a way that will resonate, encourage them to do the project. They will find a way to make it happen whether or not the church has funds because they believe in what they are doing.

People are the only the raw material you need to start using creativity in your church. Everything else is secondary.

What about stage design?

This is one of the most popular creative pursuits that churches want to do. But, a lot of churches simply don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on materials for a design design every few months. Here’s my suggestion: crowd source. Once you’ve found a stage design that you want to do, ask your congregation to bring the supplies. You may get some blank stares at first when you ask for 100 inflatable pool floats. But, people want to be involved especially if you communicate why you’re doing it.

Not sure how to find a stage design idea? Head over to http://www.churchstagedesignideas.com/ and browse through the thousands of designs that other churches have done. You don’t need to be the first person to think of an idea in order to use it. After all, it will be new to your community.

What if no one knows how to design?

That’s okay! We created Church Media Source as a pay what you can marketplace so that churches of all budgets can have access to great design resources. Every download on our website can be downloaded for free or paid for if your budget can afford it. Even if you need something customized, we have affordable options available.

But, if you have someone who wants to learn how to design, Canva is a great free tool! They also have a free design school that can serve as an introduction.

How do I create videos without gear?

Look in your pocket. Your phone is more than adequate for creating videos. My iPhone 6s Plus shoots 4K video! That’s insane.

There are tons of free apps available to let you shoot, edit, and upload your videos directly from your phone. You don’t need an expensive DSLR or professional lighting and sound equipment to get started. Focus on the story and when your budget grows in the future, then invest in better gear. But, in the meantime don’t let your lack of equipment keep you from telling stories.

What about social media?

Some of my favorite apps that I use to create social media content are free. Over and Buffer are great apps that let you create social media graphics and schedule them to be posted later. If you’re looking for something that is pre-made enter your email below to get 60 free social media graphics.

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