Instagram is one of the best social networks for your church to be on. The platform is continuing to grow and is great for visual storytelling. With over half a billion active users it is the second most popular social media platform right behind its parent company, Facebook.

Over the last 6 months, Instagram has been releasing new features left and right. Last week they released their newest feature that allows you to create an album of up to 10 photos or videos in a single post. I love this new update because it’s great for churches! It allows you to tell stories in a way that has natural progression.

I originally shared some of these tips in the Church Communications Facebook group and got a great response. Here are some ways that your church can use Instagram’s newest feature:

1. Service Recap
Share pictures with text overlaid that reinforces the main points of the sermon. Mix in some pictures of worship, people talking, and special things like baptisms. This will help to reinforce the message as well as remind those who missed to watch the service or listen to the podcast.

2. Announcements
Create a weekly announcement album on Instagram that lets people know what is going that week. Take your projector images and scale them down to a 1:1 format. You can pair this with a call to action image that tells people to click on the link in your bio for more information.

3. Service Opportunities
Create an album that shares different ways that people can get plugged in at your church. Highlight all of the different ways that people can serve at your church. Include pictures of volunteers doing the work of ministry, this will help people to envision themselves serving.

4. Bible Reading
Create multiple verse images that cover one bigger passage of scripture. This will be visually appealing and allow people to go deeper than a single verse.

5. Next Steps
Post a series of images highlighting your discipleship process. This is a great way to visually show how people can take their next steps.

6. New Here
Create a series of graphics and videos that help to tell guests how to get connected and what ministries your church has to offer. You can also take advantage of local hashtags to generate some extra views by people outside of your church.

7. Meet The Team
Take photos of all of your volunteers and highlight a new team each week. You can also include a short video that tells people how they can get involved in serving on that team. This will show your volunteers that you appreciate them and work as a great recruiting tool for new volunteers

There are tons of ways that your church can use Instagram’s newest feature. These are just a few tips that I came up with. Always be willing to embrace and experiment with a platform’s newest features. Being an early adopter will help you to increase your reach and gives your followers something fresh. Want to see the new feature in action? Here’s a post where we used Instagram’s new feature.

Published by Church Media Source