One of the things that I love most about the Church is that for the most part we’re good at helping each other learn and grow. In the past that largely happened through books and conferences, but now that learning and growth can happen instantaneously thanks to the internet.

Facebook groups have become one of my favorite places to learn new things and help others grow. I’m a part of some great groups that have been incredibly helpful to me and have inspired me to learn more. Here are my top picks of Facebook groups for church creatives.

1. Church Designer Collective

I may be a little biased since this is our group, but the Church Designer Collective is a great group if you’re looking for graphic design inspiration, help, or encouragement. We’re a relatively new group compared to others. But, don’t tell our community that, they’re a great group of about 200 designers and creatives from all across the world.

We started this group to specifically focus on graphic design. One of my passions is to connect people who can help each other grow in their craft. If you’re looking to increase your design skills, get feedback on projects, and join a community of like minded individuals, the Church Designer Collective group is a great place to belong.

2. Church Communications

My second favorite Facebook group is hands down Church Communications. The group is ran by two incredibly knowledgeable and generous staff members from Brentwood Baptist Church. The community is top notch and is a great place to learn about using social media and other communication methods in your church.

3. Visual Church Media

The Visual Church Media group was the first one that I joined on Facebook. The group is a great place to learn about stage design, lighting, and production. Some of the largest churches in America are represented and are very generous in the knowledge that they share. You’ll be hard pressed to not learn something new. The group is ran by the folks over at Church Motion Graphics.


Some of best print designs I’ve ever seen have been in the CRTV TALKS group. I first learned of CRTV CHURCH from Instagram and have been really impressed with what Nik is doing! They recently launched a marketplace as well. This group is a great place for you to learn more about marketing, stage design, and graphic design.

5. Church Sound & Media

In the church world most people tend to wear multiple hats. If you’re looking to learn more about sound and production the Church Sound & Media group is a great place to join. I’m not personally a part of the group, but I’ve heard great things about it!

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