In order to be a successful freelance graphic designer you have to be able to land new work. The holy grail of marketing has and always will be word of mouth. 90% of the time your new clients will hear about you from your current clients. That is, of course, if you’re providing them great work where they can see the value that you provide.

The 51/49 principle is simple: you provide 51% of the value and your client provides 49%. In other words, your client should always walk away feeling like you gave them something that was valued higher than what they paid. It’s a simple strategy that has a great upside for you and for your client.

A happy client is a profitable client. Not only will they continue to provide you with regular work, but they will tell others about you because they feel that the value you provide exceeds your price. As a culture, we’re driven by deals and we naturally want to tell others about great deals.

There are many different ways that you can embrace the 51/49 principle with your clients. Here are my favorite ways to provide insane value without shooting yourself in the foot by lowering your pricing.

Do Your Best Work Always
It can sometimes be tempting to do work that is simply good enough instead of great. Your clients should always be blown away by the work that you’re providing them. Your consistency in delivering great products will increase your perceived value and make your clients feel like they’re getting the better end of the deal.

Give Them Something Extra
An easy way to provide value is to give something extra that your client doesn’t expect you to do. This should be something that has a perceived value that your client would normally pay for. In the short term, you may lose out on some extra money, but the lifetime value (LTV) of your client will rise exponentially.

Personalize Your Services
Your clients should always feel like they are getting exceptional customer service when they use your services. Make sure that all of your processes are streamlined and easy to navigate for your clients. Beyond that, you need to always show your clients that you’re a real person that cares about their business.

Take time each month to reach out to your clients and just ask them how their business is doing. Don’t bring up your services, just make the conversation all about them. They will feel like you’re truly a part of their team and feel that you’re bringing them more value just by spending 10 minutes on the phone.

The 51/49 principle will help you to reduce client churn, win new clients, and increase revenue from your current clients by simply providing them more value than they feel that they are paying for. It is the single biggest asset that you can have in a service based business like graphic design.

Published by Church Media Source