As graphic designers, the tools and resources available to us are what allows us to create the best looking content possible in the shortest amount of time. In our world time is literally money and having the ability to get projects done quickly helps us to get more business and projects.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite free resources and tools in hopes that they will be equally helpful to you.

Design Elements

Unless you’re the most hipster of hipsters, you probably use design resources created by others in your designs. Whether it be fonts, brushes, or mockups, the resources below and some great websites to keep bookmarked.

1. Creative Market 
Creative Market releases 6 free design resources every week that cover a ton of categories. They regularly give out fonts, brushes, and even WordPress themes.

2. Sellfy
Much like Creative Market, Sellfy has select resources available for free and swap them out on a regular basis. They have some really impressive stuff available for free

3. Design Bundles
Design Bundles is another great website that makes certain items available for free. Check back often to grab the latest free downloads.

4. Pixeden
Pixeden is a great marketplace with some great free resources available. They also have some impressive premium options for just a few bucks per month.

5. Dribbble
Wait, what?! Yes, Dribbble is often seen as a place to upload your latest work and connect with other designers. But, it is also a great place to find free resources. Just search free in the search bar and find everything other designers are giving away!

6. Best 100 Free Fonts
While, it’s more of a collection of fonts, it’s one of the best current resources for great looking typefaces. Some of my favorite fonts were discovered from this list!

7. Mockup World 
Who doesn’t enjoy a good mockup?

Software / Apps

I do 95% of my work in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but occasionally I use another piece of software or mobile to help me get a job done. I love Over

1. Over
Over is my favorite iPhone app for creating a quick social media graphic or overlaying some text on a graphic I had created previously. It’s super helpful on the go.

While I don’t think that Canva can replace Illustrator, it is a great resource if you need to create something quickly. There pre-made templates are a great help as well!

Color palettes galore! Coolors makes it incredibly easy to find a great looking color palette that other designers have created.

I didn’t know this existed until recently. It’s a great tool for plugging in a single color and getting a full palette in a matter of seconds.

Stock Photos 
I’ve been lucky to only have to pay for images a handful of times in the last couple of years, thanks in large part to attribution free stock photos. It’s becoming increasingly popular for people to share their photos with the world and as a designer, I couldn’t be more thankful. I love being able to jump on Unsplash or Stocksnap to find a great looking picture in a matter of minutes.











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